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The Current Archaeology Awards

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Rescue Dig of the Year

Rescue archaeology, also known as developer-funded archaeology, is archaeological survey and excavation carried out in areas revealed or threatened by development. This may include in situ or measures taken to protect an unexcavated site. The following nominees represent some of the most compelling rescue projects featured in CA this year.

Research Project of the Year

These days, archaeology is about so much more than just getting your hands dirty in the trenches. With advances in theory, technology and practice, the science of archaeology is moving the discipline swiftly forward. The projects detailed below fascinated readers and editors alike with their innovative, fresh perspectives.

Book of the Year

Some of these books have been reviewed in Current Archaeology, and others have provided the basis of some of our most interesting feature stories. Our reviewers certainly had a tough time selecting a shortlist from among the many fabulous volumes that crossed their desks this year. The following titles are nominated for the 2010 Current Archaeology Book of the Year:

Archaeologist of the Year

Over the years, we have come to know many fascinating individuals who are passionate and committed to archaeology, and we have been fortunate to share their work with you in the pages of Current Archaeology and at our conferences. The CA Archaeologist of the Year award is meant to recognise a significant contribution over the past year, rather than acknowledge a lifetime achievement. We would like to congratulate the following individuals on their past year's work and announce them as the nominees for the 2010 Current Archaeology Archaeologist of the Year: